Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Disconnected Belief System

We recently recorded 9 songs for a split 12" with Sick/Tired that will be coming out on Deep Six Records sometime this year, it'll be the first recorded effort that includes our fifth member Mike Golen on noise/electronics. After that we have plans to do an LP on RSR Records but that is quite a ways off.

More info soon and most likely a sample track.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Vehicular Stagnation

As most of you know, I run Diseased Audio by my lonesome.  I am doing a cross-spamming attempt here to try and generate some funds for the recent vehicle problems our band has run into, yet again, for the millionth time.  The transmission on our van is shot, and needs to be replaced completely.  If you've ever dealt with this then you know it's an expensive endeavor.  If you feel compelled to help out you can do so by buying some records at or buying digital downloads of releases at , same concept goes for and as well.

Here is the hokey write-up I initially made to announce a holiday discount through the Diseased Audio site: "I'm feeling festive this year. The whole store is 20% off from now until the end of the weekend. Cop some records on the cheap before you blow all your hard-earned cash on blenders and ugly sweaters. Enter the ironic coupon code "givethanks" at checkout and you shall receive said discount."

P. S. We have our next release fully written, just need to tighten the songs up some more and then hopefully record in the next month or so . Midwest weekend with Disrotted in January is coming together.  Details soon on that...

Over and out,