Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Decadent Days

Our guitar player is leaving the band after our next show, which will result in an indefinite "hiatus" until further notice.  The initial plan is to forge onward and replace our beloved Mike but if it becomes too much of a task or just isn't working out in a way we'd like then we might not come back at all.  Only time will tell.  The good news is we will be recording the final 3 songs written with Mike (who has been in the band since day one) later this week.  They will be going on the split 7" with Consent, and will be released regardless of whether or not it is done in a posthumous fashion.  I'm not the type to make a big spectacle out of a last show or anything (which is why there is no mention of it on the flier) but if you haven't ever seen us play live and would like to do so then this show may very well be your last chance, so come on out regardless of what the future holds for SEA OF SHIT: