Sunday, January 29, 2012

Next up...

We have begun writing for a split 7" with CONSENT (newish pv from Chicago w/ ex members of this band and that band).  Judging by the way things have been moving lately this might actually come out sooner than later, plus I will be releasing it on my own label in hopes of furthering along the process in a more timely fashion.  Consent have only played two shows thus far but they just finished recording a rather impressive demo that i assume will be posted online somewhere soon.  Aside from that release no major plans for us, we have three shows booked...March 15th, April 5th, and May 1st, all in or around the general vicinity of Chicago.  Check shows section for updates/info on those.

ALSO, our 7" is now available from Idoneum Bello for all you overseas folks.