Wednesday, February 27, 2013

On our way...

Side A of our 10" is written, 9 songs so far, if you are curious as to what they sound like come out to our next show on 3/9 at The Mousetrap in Chicago, we will be playing it all.  Split with Water Torture is near sold out, s/t ep repress is dwindling as well.

All upcoming shows:
3/9 - Mousetrap, Chicago, IL - Chest Pain, Sick/Tired, Worn Out, Apocalypse of Death
3/22 - Albion House, Chicago, IL - Bongripper, Water Torture, Pizza Hi-Five, Sharptooth
3/23 - Borg Ward, Milwaukee, WI - One million grind bands (fest)
4/12 - Mousetrap, Chicago, IL - Iron Lung, SFN, Future Cops, Machismo
6/7 - Albion House, Chicago, IL - Sete Star Sept, Sick/Tired, Machismo, Worn Out

*Small tour being worked around 6/7 show.