Tuesday, December 3, 2013

10" is OUT NOW

15 songs of misanthropic brutality.  Pressing of 500 (400 black, 100 clear smoke).  Clear is already sold out...


Distros contact diseasedaudio@yahoo.com for wholesale rates.  International folk be forewarned, shipping is INSANELY high these days (10 copies of this 10" to anywhere outside of the country is 50 dollars to ship at the cheapest, to give you an idea).

Saturday, November 16, 2013


About 50 copies of the clear smoke version of the Sea of Shit 10" were shipped out in the past few days, funny thing is they all have a slight static "swish" sound on every revolution (on the A side, that is) which sounds pretty annoying.  This is a defect that is not present on the test presses or black vinyl copies, too bad we caught it after already mailing everything out...I have already sent emails to everyone who I shipped packages to explaining the situation further.  If for some reason you receive a clear copy of this record in the next few days and did NOT receive an email, contact me at diseasedaudio@yahoo.com immediately so I can send you a replacement copy that plays properly.

Apologies to everyone who has been inconvenienced by this.  The pressing plant really went above and beyond with their half-assed negligence this time around, salting the wound with this final mishap.

ALSO, if you didn't receive anything that means we caught this before getting your package mailed.  So this doesn't apply to you, but it does mean your box has still not shipped out due to me having to wait for replacement copies from the plant.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

Benefit Show

"My brother, Jonah, has cancer. It's hard to swallow, hard to digest, and all the other applicable cliches. But there it is. And any good punk's knee-jerk reaction to hard times and personal difficulty is tried and true: the Benefit Show. Round up some bands, put on a show, and all the proceeds go to alleviate the financial burden that results from a serious illness. 

Jonah hasn't been able to work, and might not be able to work much in the foreseeable future, so any dough is good dough in order for him to keep living in this capitalist nightmare we call America. While his medical bills are being taken care of for the time being, he still has rent, food, bills, and hardcore records he needs money for. Punk is all about community, friends, so if you can make it out, please show your support for a cause that is very personal to me and many other people. Thanks." - Simon Czerwinskyj

Mosh Cancer into Dust Benefit Show:
Sea of Shit 
Cracked Vessel
Circus and the Fog

November 29th, 2013
7pm/5 bucks
Elgin, IL

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Potential Record Release Show

I don't want to say that this will definitely be our 10" release, as to not jinx the arrival of our record in a timely fashion, but it most likely will be...

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Status Update

We have two Chicago shows set up in November, one of which being on Nov 9th with a slew of bands (most notably BLOODYMINDED and Raspberry Bulbs) at Club Rectum, and the other on Nov 14th with Sacridose (ex- Cellgraft) at Mousetrap. More details will be posted soon as the shows come together more. For our Nov. 9th show we will be recruiting good friend Mike Golembiewski from Winters in Osaka/Magia Nuda to incorporate noise/electronics into our set (this is a one-time thing that will be specific to this show only). Nov. 14th will most likely be our 10" release since we have no other shows booked. In other release news, we have a track written for a 7" compilation that Graem from SFN/Mellow Harsher is organizing. This comp will attempt to showcase a small handful of pv/grind bands from the Great Lakes area (Scaphe, Milorganaut, LIFES, Sick/Tired, Mellow Harsher, Sea of Shit, maybe more/less who knows), as of right now the release is in its embryonic stage but we're excited about it nevertheless. That is all for now, thanks to those who have preordered our 10", will post updates on that as they become available.

Small handful of shirts left, only sizes Small and XL are available.  After that, no more shirts.


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Pre-order our 10"

This will be a pressing of 500 altogether, 100 of which will be on smokey clear vinyl...pre-orders will receive the option to obtain a clear one if they wish.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

New songs off our upcoming 10"...


We will have a tape version of said 10" on our tour with SICK/TIRED that we leave for in 2 days...

Sunday, June 30, 2013

"2009-2012" Cassette

Now available from Cretinous Records...

SEA OF SHIT "2009-2012" CS
"All recorded output within years indicated, conveniently collected onto one pro dubbed tape and arranged by release in reverse chronological order. This collection was mastered by Dennis Pleckham of Comatose Studio and is the first release on Cretinous Records. Limited to 200."


Thursday, May 9, 2013

2013 Tour

All dates are with Sick/Tired.

August 2013
8/3 - Lima, OH @ The Leathershop (w/ Pizza Hi-Five, Forced Opinion)
8/4 - Buffalo, NY @ The Polish Library (w/ Water Torture, Gas Chamber, Swallowing Bile, VOC)
8/5 - Easthampton, MA @ Flywheel Arts (w/ Neoteric, Mount Minus)
8/6 - Brooklyn, NY @ The Silent Barn (603 Bushwick Ave. w
/ Callous, Lucid Terror)
8/7 - Philly, PA @ TBA (w/ Backslider, Bad Side, War Emblem)
8/8 - Washington DC @ The Dougout (1498 Douglas St. NW w/ Suppression, Triac, The Deads)
8/9 - Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter 929 W. Grace St. w/ Suppression, Unsacred)
8/10 - Pittsburgh, PA @ 3030 Haus (w/ Thrak, Purge, Anthophobic)
8/11 - Indianapolis, IN @ Pisshaus
 (4442 Primrose w/ Sudafeds, Nuclear Hellfrost)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New shirt.

New shirt design, limited run of white tees, 2-sided with a pocket print and image on the back.

Purchase HERE

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

On our way...

Side A of our 10" is written, 9 songs so far, if you are curious as to what they sound like come out to our next show on 3/9 at The Mousetrap in Chicago, we will be playing it all.  Split with Water Torture is near sold out, s/t ep repress is dwindling as well.

All upcoming shows:
3/9 - Mousetrap, Chicago, IL - Chest Pain, Sick/Tired, Worn Out, Apocalypse of Death
3/22 - Albion House, Chicago, IL - Bongripper, Water Torture, Pizza Hi-Five, Sharptooth
3/23 - Borg Ward, Milwaukee, WI - One million grind bands (fest)
4/12 - Mousetrap, Chicago, IL - Iron Lung, SFN, Future Cops, Machismo
6/7 - Albion House, Chicago, IL - Sete Star Sept, Sick/Tired, Machismo, Worn Out

*Small tour being worked around 6/7 show.