Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring/Summer happenings

We have a few shirts left in the "Hands" design, probably going to discontinue said design after this batch is gone.  In terms of our s/t 7", PRGNT Records is almost (if not entirely) sold out of their copies.  Basically, that means the only source for getting these in the U.S. is either direct from us or through my distro.  We plan on recording three new songs in late April for the split 7" with Consent and then doing another mini tour at the tail end of the summer (probably heading eastbound again).  As per usual, there will be some sparsely scattered local shows strewn about here and there, one of which being this...

Unrelated NEWS: The "U.S. Bestial Forces" 3xCD digipak comp is finally out on L.White Records.  This comp features the last ever recorded CONSTRICTIONS track (for those unaware, CONSTRICTIONS was a short lived power electronics project that Aaron and I did with Omar from Socially Retarded/Machismo/Consent a year or so ago).  You can obtain the comp HERE.