Saturday, September 21, 2013

Status Update

We have two Chicago shows set up in November, one of which being on Nov 9th with a slew of bands (most notably BLOODYMINDED and Raspberry Bulbs) at Club Rectum, and the other on Nov 14th with Sacridose (ex- Cellgraft) at Mousetrap. More details will be posted soon as the shows come together more. For our Nov. 9th show we will be recruiting good friend Mike Golembiewski from Winters in Osaka/Magia Nuda to incorporate noise/electronics into our set (this is a one-time thing that will be specific to this show only). Nov. 14th will most likely be our 10" release since we have no other shows booked. In other release news, we have a track written for a 7" compilation that Graem from SFN/Mellow Harsher is organizing. This comp will attempt to showcase a small handful of pv/grind bands from the Great Lakes area (Scaphe, Milorganaut, LIFES, Sick/Tired, Mellow Harsher, Sea of Shit, maybe more/less who knows), as of right now the release is in its embryonic stage but we're excited about it nevertheless. That is all for now, thanks to those who have preordered our 10", will post updates on that as they become available.

Small handful of shirts left, only sizes Small and XL are available.  After that, no more shirts.