Monday, May 23, 2011


Thanks to everyone who came out the other night.  Photos of the entire show can be found here.  We won't be playing Chicago again until the 15th of July but we have some other out of town shows planned, including a tour in August.  On this tour we will have the last remaining copies of our split 7" as well as our Demo 7" and a new self titled ep (in some form or another).

In regards to the Demo 7", it will finally be available in late June.  Suburban Mayhem has called it quits as a label but this is still coming out as their last release, along with the Column of Heaven tape.  For updates on all that you can refer to Jamie's blog, Destroyed Human.

There are some leftover shirts of the old design in the bigcartel.  We're not making any more of those so if you want one this is your big chance.  There are also some longsleeves too, just in time for those boiling hot summer days...