Friday, September 23, 2011

Current Status

Test presses for our new 7" in the next week or so, record release show for that probably in November.  The cassette version is almost sold out on our end, probably have about 8 left so if you want one please order from the label.  I'm going to stop doing mailorder on those and save the last few for our upcoming show on October 1st.  Down to the last 20 copies of the Demo 7", and the split 7" is long gone.  Also, there is a Sea of Shit interview in the new Negative Noise fanzine where i give a few long winded responses to some questions i probably should have answered more concisely.  You can obtain a copy of that directly from Crippled Sound or from the Diseased Audio distro.  We still have an abundance of shirts available, all sizes in the "Hands" design and small/large only in the older design.  Older design is officially retired because i threw the screen in the garbage.  Get all that stuff here.


11/1 UPDATE:  The EP tape and Demo 7" are completely sold out from both us and the labels that released them.  The only place left you can obtain either of these releases from is 16oh.  Test presses for our new 7" have been mailed and should be arriving this week, still no release show set up but something will eventually unfold I assume.  We have one new song written that will be going on a To Live A Lie 7" comp but aside from that no major release plans for the future just yet.