Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Two months later, we are finally getting replacement copies of the clear smoke 10" sent to us in the mail, it's been quite the struggle the whole way but resolution is in sight...apologies to those who pre-ordered and ended up having to wait the longest out of anyone to get a copy of this, and apologies to those who initially got sent a not-so-good "clicky" sounding copy (even if you don't give a shit about it, it bothers us knowing they are floating around out there).  With that being said, these records will all be mailed out to those who ordered on Friday and Saturday.  I am paying out of pocket to send out over 50 packages of replacement records to those who got erroneous ones.  I'm not looking for any sort of handout but if you are feeling sympathetic to the cause maybe a buy a download of a release off of the Diseased Audio bandcamp page, or scoop up some tangible goods from the Diseased Audio web store.

In other news, we have been writing for some sort of future release.  What that is we don't know yet, but one finished song is in fact going towards a compilation that we will reveal further details about when they arise.


EDIT: I SPOKE TOO SOON...received the "replacement" copies of the clear version of this and they just sound exactly the same, if not worse, than the initial erroneous copies.  New stampers are now being ordered and I am getting sent ANOTHER box of 100 copies of the clear smoke 10" next week.